Accelerating Radio Wave Propagation Predictions by Implementation on Graphics Hardware

Daniel Catrein, Michael Reyer and Tobias Rick
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), 2007, pp. 510-514
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Abstract. Fast radio wave propagation predictions are of tremendous interest, e.g., for planning and optimization of cellular radio networks. We propose the use of ordinary graphics cards and specialized algorithms to achieve extremely fast predictions. Our implementation of the empirical COST-Walfisch-Ikegami model allows the computation of several hundred predictions in one second in a 7 km2 urban area. Further, we present a ray-optical approach exploiting the programming model of graphics cards. This algorithm combines fast computation times with high accuracy.

images/CRR2007_1.jpg images/CRR2007_2.jpg

Field strength prediction of the Roof Diffraction Model (RDM) in Munich (left) and comparison between prediction and measurement (right).

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